Wall Tile for sale in NigeriaOur Wall Tiles for sale in Nigeria

Wall Tiling give you the perfect opportunity to add style and character to both Bathroom and Kitchen walls in your home. Popular choices include ceramic, porcelain, limestone & marble. Wall tiling is an essential part of toilet and kitchen finish- used to protect walls from cooking splashes or water damage – wall tiles can also help determine the overall look of your Toilet and Bathroom.

Ceramic Wall Tiles are hardwearing and water-resistant, this is why ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for toilet and kitchen walls. They are particularly durable as they are made from clay and then fired at extremely high temperatures. Whether it is a public or residential, indoors or outdoors, ceramic wall tiles can be counted on to perform with exceptional durability and unique visual appeal.

Most wall tiles are non-porous, which means their surfaces are completely sealed. This means they do not swell or become disturbed during or after exposure to moisture, such as from the steam of a shower or the splashing of water in a kitchen sink. Wall tiles do not absorb oils, paint and other potential stain-causing chemicals. As a result, cleaning wall tiles is relatively simple in comparison to cleaning plaster or drywall. In many instances you can wipe or scrub the tiles with water in order to remove any built-up dirt and debris. There are also specialized tile-cleaning products that can help clean in-between tiles and help optimize the shine of tiles. If a tile cracks or gets broken, you can replace it with a spare, if you saved one, or replace it with a similar-looking tile.

Here are some of our Wall Tiles for Sale in Nigeria.

Our wall tiles are available in sizes 250×400, 200×400, 200×300, 610×310 and 330×500. Our customers are welcomed to view and buy in any of our Offices or showrooms; this allows you to create your own individual look based on their style and budget.

Padson Industries continues to be one of the largest dealers of wall tiles in Nigeria. For further information please contact us today by filling the purchase inquiry form on this page.