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JMC Refuse Waste Disposal Truck

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Features and Advantages

  • Double compressed refuse evenly distributed inside the compartment with high density to make full use of the space.
  • Easy operation and high efficiency. It automatically collects,compresses and discharges the refuse,thus greatly increasing working efficiency while reducing the harm to the workers and the environment.
  • Mainly consisted of the vehicle chassis,front compartment,loader and hydraulic system, the whole vehicle is highly airtight with advantages like supreme compressing ability, easy operation and convenient cleansing.
  • The refuse is compressed in the internationally prevalent way of rear filling and two-way peristalsis.The whole process of loading, compressing and discharging the refuse are completely controlled by the hydraulic device.
  • The vehicle is also equipped with a large volume waste water tank for collecting and discharging it:the lifting plate and the upper surface of the scraper are tightly fitting,thus avoiding the refuse being crushed and accumulated and easing the routine cleansing.
  • The total loading volume is 5.2m3   with the loading weight being 1.5 tons.
  • Outside size of the compartment: 3260 (above 2830)*1259*1796(L*W*H) (mm).

This vehicle is mainly used by urban environmental sanitary stations, reality management in residential quarters and industrial or mineral enterprises.


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