Welcome To Padson Industries Limited

Importers, Manufacturers and Trading Company in Nigeria.

Padson Industries Limited has diversified from a solely Trading Company in Nigeria to an Assemblage and Manufacturing Company in Nigeria as well. The Padson Automatic Motorcycle Assembly Plant was commissioned in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria in the year 2004 and became operational with an installation capacity of 600 motorcycles per day. We are one of the few Adhesive Manufactures in Nigeria. We manufacture contact adhesives, supreme adhesives, polyurethane, polyvinyl acetate, water based glue all in Nigeria.
Recently, we became Major Importers of Automobile Vehicles in Nigeria, as well as Assorted Building Materials in Nigeria. Padson Industries is also a Major Importer of Tiger Brand Generator, Spare parts, Tyres and Tubes in Nigeria.

Here are Some of Our Products - and - Industries we Service

Here are some of our vehicles for sale in Nigeria, For a full list of our vehicles for sale, Click Motor Vehicles

  1. Single/Double Cabin Pickup 4X2WD & 4X4WD
  2. Carrying Truck Single & Double Cabin
  3. 18 Seater Minibus With A/C
  4. Refrigerator Truck
  5. Carrying dumper Truck
  6. Refuse Collector
  7. Ford  Commercial Van

Padson Industries is a major Importer or Tricycles, popularly known as KeKe Napep or Maruwa in Nigeria

Here are some of our Motorcycles AKA Okada for sale in Nigeria, For a full list of our motorcycles for sale, Click MotorCycle Okada.

We sell the following brands, Jincheng, Honda

Here are some of our Tiger Generators for sale in Nigeria, For a full list of our Tiger Generators for sale, Click Tiger Generators.

Here are some of our Adhesives for sale in Nigeria, For a full list of our adhesives for sale, Click Padson Adhesive

  1. Padson Wood Varnish and Wood Finish
  2. Padson Adhesive AKA Chemical Gum
  3. Padson Contact and Supreme Adhesive
  4. Padson White Glue
  5. Padson Tilestick

Our Partners

JMC Auto
Kama Auto
Tiger Generator
ZX Auto